Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hotel Living: Article 1 (Work Out Facilities)

So I'm currently living on the road with my husband and we stay in hotels. Sometimes we are there for 1 day, 5 days, 2 weeks, 3 months.....see where I'm going with this? I obviously have no clue how long we will be in any one place but with that in mind I get still get excited when I find out there is a "workout facility" at the hotel. I'm not sure why I'm always so stoked. I don't have a rocking bod and I'm not a consistent gym junkie, never have been. So, why am I always excited? Because that means there is hope. It means that maybe this will be it. This will be the two weeks, the city, the hotel that changes me into the person who has never been consistent with a form of exercise my entire life to change into a whole new person. .........

And then I realize something. That small 1 bedroom "at-gyms" are awesome for someone to have in their house in one of their bedrooms. So that when they want to work out they can and they don't have to share the 12x12 space with 4-6 other people also trying to make their biggest loser dreams come true. That being said I have still managed to get in there, into that one bedroom gym of dreams and work out everyday since I've been here. So far I have one dream.

I dream that I would be working out really hard and really well and then when I am still just barely half way through and some stranger walks into the room I sweetly and not even out of breath ask them to please leave and not come back until I'm fully done, wiped my equipment drank some water and finished Law & Order SVU. That person then smiles and says "oh yeah sure no problem." And now I get to finish and nobody thinks I'm a rude American with a weird sense of personal space.

I would accompany this post with a picture of myself working out but I almost fell off the elliptical machine trying take the shot.

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