Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 Things about the Luche

Are You Ready?

  1.  I am 27 
  2.  I am currently unemployed
  3.  I am married
  4.  I love all animals except the ones I don't, and I have a Siberian Husky; his name is Ruff
     This is not a picture from google image. This is really him.
  5.  I currently travel around the U.S. right now but call CA my home
  6.  I have spent most of the years that I could work working with children & families to some capacity
  7. I am a sun worshiper and have this instinctive desire to always face the sun
  8. I have a very distinct laugh, it is a very unique, loud and uncontrollable laugh
  9. I talk too fast most of the time
  10. I absolutely love a good story, a good cry, a good nap and a good cookie
  11. I am the youngest of 4 children
  12. I have 11 nephews and nieces. and come from a giant family. Yes, giant. No, I don't know all their names
  13. My friends kids call me Auntie cause that's how I roll
  14. I'm not competitive and feel bad for the loser when I win
I know its more than ten, congratulations you can count.

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